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Product Questions

Are guards necessary?

AnswThe Guardian 2.0's are not necessary but they are a highly recommended accessory. We estimate that 90%+ of customers own them. They allow you to go from non snow surfaces such as concrete, asphalt, lodge etc to the snow with ease. They provide traction and protection for your skis. Without them you have to switch in and out of the boots when you leave the snow. Guardian 2.0's can be purchased here

Why not just make a ski boot attachment? 

The flex of our boots is unique to our brand and sport which is what makes skating on snow possible. Ski boots are traditionally too stiff to make skating smooth and comfortable. Our boots combine world class liners with an amazing shell quality to provide both comfort and support. Most people find our boots to be the most comfortable ski equipment they have ever worn and find them extremely warm. 

How do you compare to ice skates?

Although the motions and balance is very similar to skating on ice the boot itself is quite different. It is designed for specifically riding ski slopes and so has higher ankle support and is heavier. We have many hockey players that ride ODR and they have expressed to us that the learning curve for them is nearly non-existent so the skills that Hockey players and ice skaters have often make learning to use ODRs quick and easy. 

Can you tune the bases?

Caring for your equipment is important. We recommend a standard edge tuner to tune the edges which can be purchased at most ski shops or on Amazon. Tuning the edges, Dynamic Wax to keep them quick and guards to protect them off snow are all recommended accessories. Together these three products allow you to care for your skis keeping them in top shape for the seasons ahead and the memories to come. 

Can you apply iron wax?

No, we do not recommend traditional ski wax. Hot irons and hot waxes are messy, hard to apply and often dangerous to handle. We recommend our specially designed and developed in house wax called Dynamic Waxsold here!

Can the skis be replaced?

Yes! The skis can be replaced if they get too scratched or damaged. They are removed with four machine screws inside the shell. Please contact support for instructions on replacing bases (we have a new and improved base replacement kit that we sell for $89.99).

Where are they made?

ODRs are designed in the United States and produced in Italy with the best craftsman the industry has to offer. We ship from our warehouses located in the USA so your order arrives fast via FedEx. 

How does sizing work?

There is a FIND YOUR FIT button that takes the hassle out of size selection using our custom built wizard. It can be found on the Eclipse and R-43 product page. We HIGHLY recommend this feature for finding your perfect fit. You can also always reach us via email at

subject: sizing.