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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does the sizing work? Do you offer custom sizing?

Our website Find Your Fit wizard takes the hassle out of size selection. We recommend this feature for finding your perfect fit. Our skis fit true to size for men. If you are a mens size 9-9.5 in gym shoe you are a size 9 our skis and a size medium in Eclipse. Eclipse sizing is a bit different than R-43. It runs XS, S, M, L. XS is sizes 1-4, S: 5-7, M: 8-10, L:11-13.

Women should size down 1 full size. For both men and women always size down a half size to the nearest whole size.

Are guards necessary?

Guards are not necessary but they are a highly recommended accessory. They allow you to go from non snow surfaces such as concrete, asphalt, lodge etc to the snow with ease. They provide traction and protection for your skis. Without them you have to switch in and out of the boots when you leave the snow.

Why not just make a ski boot attachment?

The flex of our boots is amazing. Sick of uncomfortable ski boots? Our boots combine world class liners with amazing shell quality to provide both comfort and support. Most people find our boots to be the most comfortable ski equipment they have ever worn.

How do you compare to a ski boot?

The flex of our boots is amazing. Sick of uncomfortable ski boots? Our boots combine world class liners with amazing shell quality to provide both comfort and support. Most people find our boots to be the most comfortable ski equipment they have ever worn.

How do you compare to a hockey skate?

Although the motions and balance is very similar to skating on ice the boot itself is quite different. It is designed for specifically riding ski slopes and so has higher ankle support and is heavier.

Are they moldable?

Our incredible liner construction provides both comfort and support. You will love them. All day comfort!

Can you tune the bases?

Caring for your equipment is important. We sell an edge sharpener for tuning the edges, wax to speed up and protect the bases and guards to protect them off snow. Together these three products allow you to care for your skis keeping them in top shape for the seasons ahead and the memories to come.

Can you sharpen the edges?

We recommend keeping the edges tuned with our edge sharpener sold on the website.

What resorts allow us?

Most resorts require steel edges as their main criteria. Our products all have integrated steel edges, high ankle support and no loose parts. As a result we typically find that resorts have no issues with our products on their groomed slopes. We have skied hundreds of peaks around the world as a global rider community! Looking forward to seeing where you take your ODR SKIS by tagging us @odrskis on IG.

Can you apply iron wax?

Hot irons and hot waxes are messy and hard to apply. We recommend our specially designed wax called Dynamic Wax.

Do the skis on the boot come off?

The skis can be replaced. They are removed with four machine screws inside the shell. Please contact support for instructions on replacing bases.

How easy is it?

Everyone is different when it comes to winter sports.

That said, in our experience learning how to use ODR SKIS is much faster and easier than learning how to ski or snowboard. If you have previous ice skating experience you will find it extremely fast to pick up.

How soon will it ship?

Typically we ship within 24 hours but we are experiencing delays due to the influx of Shark Tank episode orders and COVID. For specific delivery estimates please email

Where are they made?

We produce in Europe with the best craftsman the industry has to offer.

How much is shipping?

Orders under $199 have a flat rate of $9.99 for domestic shipping. Orders over $199 have Free Shipping! Canada is a flat rate of $24.99

Do you ship internationally?

Due to COVID-19 we have suspended international shipping this season. We plan to resume shipping internationally next season. International shipping is considered on a case by case basis and due to increased transport rates higher fees may be accessed. Don’t hesitate to reach out to for more information on international shipping.

Are you affiliated with Sled Dogs?

We did a major rebrand this year to introduce NEXT GENERATION. We believe our sport has the potential to become an Olympic and X Games event. ODR is taking the product and company to the next level with new technology and modern manufacturing processes.

Can I be a rep?

We are always looking for the best ambassadors in the world! If you think you have what it takes drop us a line! Please include your location, background and reason for wanting to be considered for a role on our pro ambassador team!

I want to Invest

Thank you for your interest in investing! We have had an overwhelming amount of investment interest since our Shark Tank episode and would love to connect with you. Please write to us at or by using the form on the contact page of our website and we will be in touch shortly.

I would like to be a Distributor

Thank you for your interest in becoming a distributor! We look forward to speaking with you. Please write us at and provide your location, store background and how soon you are interested in getting involved. One of our amazing distribution gurus will be in touch shortly!

Are you doing demos?

Due to COVID-19 we have suspended all Demo events for the 2020/2021 Season. We hope to resume demos next season! Stay Safe!

Where can I rent these?

We sell direct to consumers with limited rental opportunities at this time. We are currently evaluating several large scale national rental programs and hope to provide more widespread rental offerings next season. Keep an eye on our website for more rental release announcements!